Spinach & Mushroom Scramble$ 22.00
Egg Beaters scrambled with slow-roasted tomatoes, onion, fresh spinach and mushrooms.
Southern Chicken Biscuit Platter$ 20.00
With two eggs, two smoked bacon strips and choice of hash browns, breakfast potatoes or fruit.
Belgian Waffle Platter$ 11.00
Homemade Belgian waffle with two eggs and choice of two smoked bacon strips or two sausage links.
Blueberry Banana Multigrain Pancake Platter$ 16.00
Two multigrain nut pancakes loaded with blueberries and topped with fresh bananas.
Granny's Country Omelette$ 18.00
Diced ham, onions, celery, green peppers, American cheese and cheese sauce.
Farmer's Omelette$ 13.00
Applewood smoked bacon, country sausage, onions, green peppers and American cheese.
Wildberry (No sugar)$ 13.00
Seasonal ripe berries on a crispy crust with amazing smell and long-lasting aftertaste.
Lemon Meringue$ 13.00
Tangy lemon filling, light and fluffy on a crispy crust with amazing smell and aftertaste.
Caramel Apple$ 11.00
Luscious apples with a crumb topping and rich caramel icing on a crispy crust.
Banana Cream$ 10.00
Loaded with hand-sliced bananas and topped with real whipped cream and chopped walnuts.
Fresh Baked Chicken Pot Pie$ 26.00
Chunks of tender, all-white chicken with carrots, onions, celery and peas in a rich cream.
Mushroom 'n Swiss Chicken$ 24.00
A grilled chicken breast topped with sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese, served on herb rice.
Jumbo Shrimp Dinner$ 30.00
A generous portion of crispy jumbo butterfly shrimp served with zesty cocktail sauce.
Butterball Turkey & Dressing$ 28.00
Oven-roasted and hand-carved slices, served on homestyle sage dressing with hearty turkey.
Chicken Strips Dinner$ 25.00
Crispy all-white chicken breast strips, served with Honey Mustard dipping sauce.
Apricot grilled salmon$ 30.00
A flaky, tender fillet with choice of apricot balsamic glaze or lemon pepper seasoning.
Lemonade$ 3
Made of the best lemons and sharp peppermint to provide you with the best refreshment
Watermelon Smoothie$ 3
Made of the best watermelons and sweet mint to provide you with the best refreshment
Coffee$ 4
The Best Coffee in town prepared out of the best coffee beans with cinnamon.
El Gaucho Special$ 40.00
Mixed Meats (700g) for 2 persons. Served with Vegetable Pincho and grilled half-potatoes
Steak Filet$ 40.00
Soft and tasty meat with spices and greens. Meat filet gets incredible softness and aroma.
Pincho Skewers$ 40.00
Pincho Entrecote 200 g. with roasted vegetables: potatoes, paprika, onions.
Mega Royal Kebab$ 18.00
Baked salmon fillet, Beef, red onion, hollandaise sauce, rosemary salt potatoes, garden salad
Onion Rings$ 6-8.00
Served with Chipotle Ranch dipping sauce. Full Order and Smaller Portion available (price varies).
MozzaSticks$ 8.00
Made of best sorts of Mozzarella. Served with Marinara dipping sauce.
Chicken Strips$ 6
Lightly breaded chicken strips served with Honey Mustard dressing. Garden Salad on the side.
Fried Pickles$ 9.90
Breaded and crispy-fried, served with Ranch dressing. Very exquisite taste for real eaters.
Roast Chicken$ 19.00
Beef, red onion, baked salmon fillet, hollandaise sauce, rosemary salt potatoes, herb salad.
Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla$ 18.00
Beef, red onion, baked salmon fillet, hollandaise sauce, rosemary salt potatoes, herb salad.